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Cork – Warm, Insulated & Soundproof Flooring

Carefully selected and processed, cork forms the basis for a floor covering that is superior in ecology, building biology, and biotechnology. A cork floor offers pleasant foot warmth, insulates, soundproofs, and reduces impact to the body joints and the spine in case of a fall. Besides, HARO® Cork Floor is also very easy to clean and care for.

Cork floors are a renewable resource, and their ease of maintenance and durability is renowned. Cork has been a popular material for years for a number of applications, and in the last decade has exploded in popularity in many applications as a flooring medium.

Northern Capital carries a variety of HARO® cork floors for your new build or renovation project. Visit our showroom in Prince George to see examples.


Osmo® the eco-friendly finish for fine wood, is perfect for solid wood flooring or cork flooring, in addition to cabinets, wood furniture, toys, trim, composites, and oriented strand board. Osmo Polyx® - Oils withstand the wear of daily use and are quite durable, maintaining the richness of your natural wood.

Osmo® comes in litre containers of:

  • 0.75 litres
  • 2.5 litres
  • 10 litres
  • 25 litres

Osmo’s affordable 2.5 litre container covers about 300 sq. ft. with only 2 coats. This benzene-free solvent is earth-friendly because – when dry -- it leaves no toxic residues behind. Osmo leaves your hardwood or cork floor water-repellant and resistant to dirt, coffee, milk, wine, fruit juices, tea, beer, cola and water.

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