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Durable & Scratch-Resistant – Try Quartz for Your Countertops

Engineered quartz is a manufactured product that is extremely hard, durable, and nearly stain-, heat-, and scratch- resistant. Quartz surfaces come in many colours and textures, and are extremely popular in today’s contemporary designs.

Quartz countertop sold today are manufactured from about 95% crushed quartz and 5% polymers. The infused materials result in countertops that are nearly scratch-proof and almost maintenance-free. The process allows the counters to be available in a wide array of colours that range from translucent whites to sandy browns or monolithic blacks.

With the open floor plans of many of today’s kitchens spreading out into dining and living areas, it is important for designers to coordinate countertop colour choices with the rest of the house. Renovating kitchens with a natural flow into the rest of the home becomes a piece of cake when you see the colour ranges of quartz countertops.

We carry some quartz colours in our warehouse, but thanks to our access to suppliers such as Zodiaq®, Caesarstone®, and others, we can ensure a wider selection.

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